Sunday, February 14, 2010

Altered CD/The Romance of Flowers

Well...this was supposed to be my entry for Mixed-Media Monday's art challenge (see blog here)
but due to working later today than I'd planned, I missed the boat on that one. So now, after searching a bit, I found a place where this courtly couple can find a new home--for the "Theme Thursdays" blog challenge of "Flowers" instead. How nifty is that? I'm thankful I decided to go ahead and add on those 3 small pale pink buds around the Valentine greeting, because I really debated on leaving them out. Fate is with me apparently (at least this week!). The images are from a LunaGirl CD (here's the store on Ebay)
You can find the "Theme Thursday blog here--
Have a great creative week and thanks for stopping by!


Kelly said...


Sandy said...

Oh wow fantastic vintage work.
Looks really beautiful.

PiecesofD said...

Very pretty... I have stacks of old CDs to use... I typically make them into clocks, but I've been looking for something else to do with them... Any suggestions? Thanks.

Faye said...

It's never too late, Phoebe. This is fantastic. I've never altered a CD and I'm not sure what I'd do to start one. Your flowers are so gorgeous.