Thursday, December 9, 2010

Easy Christmas gift idea...

Here's an easy-peasy, inexpensive gift idea that takes very little time to make--

I bought a wreath, 3 garland sprigs and Christmas ribbon at the dollar store. The images are from theMoonlight Journey website--

I used a glue stick to glue the image sheet to an empty cereal box to give them sturdiness, then after cutting the images out I added glittery detailing with glitter glue found at Walmart. FYI, I used a glue gun to attach all the elements to the wreath. Wrap the ribbon around the garland, glueing it in a few places to secure, make a simple bow and glue that on as well. Attach the garland elements (I cut the wire stems off with a wire cutter), then hot-glue the images around the wreath. You could add little ornaments or candies if you wish--or keep it simple like I did.

Here's a closer view--shows the glitter a bit more...

And there you have it--a quick gift that's easy on the budget!

Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for stopping by. =)