Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 Muses Architecture Challenge...

I wasn't sure what to do with this challenge until I found this great old house photo--there's something sad and lonely about a dilapidated old house isn't there? The poem is The Old House by Amy Levy:

In through the porch and up the silent stair;Little is changed, I know so well the ways;--Here, the dead came to meet me; it was thereThe dream was dreamed in unforgotten days.
But who is this that hurries on before,A flitting shade the brooding shades among?--She turned,--I saw her face,--O God, it woreThe face I used to wear when I was young!
I thought my spirit and my heart were tamedTo deadness; dead the pangs that agonise.The old grief springs to choke me,--I am shamedBefore that little ghost with eager eyes.
O turn away, let her not see, not know!How should she bear it, how should understand?O hasten down the stairway, haste and go,And leave her dreaming in the silent land.

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indybev said...

Somehow I missed this one last week, Phoebe. The house is a perfect interpretation of the poem! Well done.